Coast to Coast

Clean Scene is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company serving customers from coast to coast.


The first step to welcoming any guest is a clean environment. Study and experience prove that when a customer feels cared for they spend more time shopping, are willing to learn or explore new products and ultimately spend more. The single largest factor in making a customer feel cared for is a clean facility.

Clean Scene is committed to ensuring our managed facilities look their best.  Our impeccable references show that we understand what it takes to clean and maintain offices, retail outlets and restaurants.

Our specialty is multi-location facilities. However, from one location to 500 locations, we provide the same attention to detail to ensure your place of business is inviting; setting the tone for employees and clients alike.

We provide custom frequency janitorial programs for all facility types. Monthly, daily, event cleaning, porter service; yes we can do it.

Most importantly, the Clean Scene Team is happy to support client staff to maintain their own facility as needed.  We provide training, equipment and supplies as part of a simple plan that your own staff can manage to produce an environment that will set you apart from the competition.